My Favorite Nursing Pillow Ever! Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow Review and Giveaway

I have tried many nursing pillows. The ever so popular boppy, my breast friend, jj cole nursing pillow, san diego bebe nursing pillow, and the luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow. My favorite pillow BY FAR is the luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow. It is oh so soft, nice and fluffy, and easy to manipulate. 

I had an unexpected c-section. I brought my boppy with me to the hospital only to realize it was extremely uncomfortable on my incision! I ended up tossing it in the corner and using regular pillows to help support my new baby. When I got home I tried my breast friend only to find that it too touched and pushed on my incision. I then tried the san diego bebe nursing pillow, and that was better on my incision, but it was ginormous and hard to move around. I couldn’t get comfortable with it. 
These were the three pillows I had before I gave birth, and none of them worked. So my search  for the best nursing pillow began. That is when I tried the jj cole nursing pillow. That was better on my incision, but was very firm and not easy to use. I couldn’t get Bunny at the right height with this pillow. She was either too low or too high, the pillow was too firm, I could not adjust it. It was a one size fits all kind of pillow. 

Finally, when Bunny was about 8 weeks old, my luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow came! 

  Luna Lullaby and jj cole nursing pillow
  Luna Lullaby and boppy
  Luna Lullaby and luna travel pillow
Luna Lullaby and san diego bebe nursing pillow
 Luna Lullaby and My Breast Friend

Hallelujah! I was taken aback by its size. It was huge! I thought for sure this nursing pillow was going to be a disaster, just like all the pillows before it. I was pleasantly surprised when this pillow was EXTREMELY comfortable. I was comfortable and so was Bunny. She fell asleep nursing, which wasn’t rare. What WAS rare was, I could move her (and the pillow) and she STAYED ASLEEP! Up until this point Bunny would only sleep on me or My Love (or anyone else who happened to be holding her). 

All the nursing pillows together

More about the luna lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow. It is a boomerang shape, unlike most other nursing pillows. This shape allows you to move the nursing pillow to the spot where it will give you the most support. You are not stuck using it in one position. The luna lullaby pillow is soft yet firm at the same time. The softness allows you to maneuver it however you would like, but it is still firm enough to keep its shape and to support your baby while you nurse. You can adjust the pillow to accommodate different nursing positions like the football hold or the cradle hold. The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow is soft enough that it didn’t hurt my incision. I could have it pressed right up against my body and it still did not hurt. I tried the other nursing pillows after I received the luna lullaby to see if maybe the reason the luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow did not hurt was because my incision was healing. All of the other pillows still hurt and were still uncomfortable. I could not find a comfortable position with the other nursing pillows that would allow me to nurse Bunny for the entire nursing session.  (At this time Bunny was still nursing for about 30 mins per nursing session.)

The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow was the only nursing pillow that was comfortable and supportive. I have had it, and used it multiple times per day, for a year now. It has not lost its shape. Most nursing pillows lose their shape after time. The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow is still as plump now as it was when I first received it. I even shoved it in a bag and took it on an airplane with me. I was not willing to travel without my favorite nursing pillow! 

The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow I purchased has a pink minky dot cover. It is SUPER soft. The cover comes off so you can wash it. There are no zippers, it folds over on the end. I really like this because there are no hard zippers or edges to rub up against Bunny. It is available in many different colors and patterns, and you can order extra covers! 

Bosom Baby for cradle or cross cradle hold
With baby (excuse the wiggle baby)
Bosom Baby for football hold
With 1 year old baby

I love this pillow so much I bought 2 more. I use one in Bunny’s nursery, one in our family room, and one is at my families house. I also purchased the travel pillow to use when we were going to travel. When I received it, I was disappointed by its size. It is VERY small. The travel pillow looks like a child’s toy nursing pillow. I did end up using the travel pillow on our first airplane ride. It was a nice size for the airplane. I could use the travel pillow while I was sitting in my seat on the airplane and it did not encroach on My Love’s space in his seat. If I had used the full size luna lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow, I would have taken up some seating space of the person next to me, possibly on both sides. Once we arrived at our destination, the travel pillow was useless. I could not fit all of Bunny on the pillow (she was 12 weeks old). I did not pack my full size pillow for this trip, I was assuming the travel pillow would be sufficient. I ended up using the travel pillow as well as other pillows and blankets to help support Bunny. The travel pillow was not supportive enough. On our second plane ride, I simply used an extra blanket under Bunny. It did the same thing the travel pillow did. The travel pillow was handy, but not worth it for the price. It now sits unused in our closet. Once Bunny is older she can use it for her baby dolls. 

 I highly recommend the luna lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow to every expectant mom and to every nursing mom out there. I can not sing it’s praises enough. You really HAVE to try this pillow! I have heard this is a great pregnancy pillow as well. I will have to try it as a pregnancy pillow with the next baby! 

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Disclaimer: I did not receive a Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow for free. I simply love this pillow and want to share it with every pregnant and/or nursing woman I see!