18 Week Update

18 weeks! This pregnancy is almost half over! Time is passing quickly, but it also seems to move so slowly. I am feeling the baby move a lot, but I can’t wait until I can really feel the baby all day every day. I can’t wait for My Love and Bunny to feel the baby move. I love being pregnant. I want to hurry up and get to about 22 weeks then slow down time. Feeling the baby move is the best part about being pregnant. I can’t wait to find out the gender of this baby! I am pretty sure he is a he, but I could be wrong. I want to know so we can finally decide on a name or two for a boy. If he is a she, we already know what her name will be.

I am still struggling to eat, which is so weird for me. When I was pregnant with Bunny I ate everything. I mean everything! I was hungry ALL the time and would eat just about anything, once I was in the second trimester. With this pregnancy, nothing really sounds good. And what does sound good today, won’t sound good tomorrow. I still crave salad, but not the salad at my house haha. Salad from a restaurant is much tastier. I still haven’t gained much, if any weight. I was 20 pounds over my normal, pre Bunny weight before I got pregnant this time. I know I am okay weight wise, but I can’t help but worry.

Other than that, I am feeling great and loving being pregnant! I don’t have too many aches and pains yet and I love feeling the baby move!


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