Wee Can Too Crayons- Art Supplies For Babies Review

What baby/toddler/child doesn’t like playing with crayons?! Bunny LOVES to color. I want to encourage her creative side, but hate having to watch her like a hawk when she is coloring. We’ve all been there before. Imagine this: It’s a lovely afternoon and my sweet Bunny wants to color. I think, “Great idea! I will color with you!” We get out the crayons and paper and sit down for a nice coloring experience. There I am, coloring along side my toddler. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I color, I get really into it. So there I am, hunched over my beautiful drawing, coloring the best picture I have ever colored before. I look up to show Bunny the amazing drawing I have made and what do I see? Bunny EATING THE CRAYONS! 5 seconds ago she was happily coloring! And now she’s EATING THE CRAYONS!
Much Better!
Case in point!
Most crayons are non toxic, but that doesn’t mean they should be eaten. Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons are made from veggie based ingredients. This includes food grade soy wax! Which means these are edible, although it is not suggested you gives these as a snack to your child. It does mean that when Bunny starts eating these crayons (which does and will happen), I don’t have to freak out and immediately take the crayons away. (I am a big proponent of talking to her and helping her to make the right decision, in this case, to stop eating the crayons.) 
Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons are made with organic fruit and vegetable powders, are vegan, and have no wheat, sugar or preservatives in them. The first thing I noticed when I took the crayons out of the package was, they smelled GREAT! Seriously, these crayons smell amazing. They smell like fruits and vegetables, which isn’t surprising since that is what they are made out of. Wee Can Too Veggies Crayons are square, which make it easy for Bunny to hold. She also likes to stack them and knock them over. 
These crayons can entertain her in a few different ways!
Bunny has bitten into these crayons, just like she tries to bite into all of her crayons! But with Wee Can Too crayons, I don’t have a mini panic attack when Bunny takes a bite out of them. Due to the ingredients, Wee Can Too crayons are perfectly safe. Bunny doesn’t seem to like the taste of the crayons, which is good because they are not a snack. I really like the peace of mind I have when Bunny colors with Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons versus other crayons.
Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons come in five different colors, red, orange, yellow, green and purple which looks like more of a blue color to me. 
Please excuse the bite out of the yellow. Bunny had to have a taste.
I really like that Wee Can Too products are made in the USA. I try to buy products that are manufactured in the USA, so that is a major plus for me. Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons cost $12 for a set of 5. It is more expensive than a box of crayons, but they are made with organic and natural products AND they are made in the USA. I am more than willing to buy these for my child! You can purchase your set of Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons here.

Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner/company.

Why I Do Not Use Aerosol Spray Sunscreens and Why You Should Reconsider Using Them

I have never liked aerosol spray sunscreen. Why? Because I feel like it is hard to know how much sunscreen you have sprayed on your body and if the courage is even. I also feel like not rubbing in the sunscreen would make it less effective. These reasons are why I have never used aerosol spray sunscreen. 

There are four agencies (FDA, Consumer Reports, EWG, and American Academy of Dermatology) that recommend avoiding aerosol spray sunscreen. Four! The main reasons why they recommend avoiding aerosol spray sunscreen are the dangers of inhaling the sunscreen, not applying sunscreen properly and having exposed areas of skin, as well as not using enough sunscreen to properly protect your skin from the suns harmful rays. 

Recently, the FDA started an investigation about the dangers and health risks of inhaling aerosol spray sunscreen. The FDA is investigating aerosol spray sunscreen products to ensure they are effective and to determine if they present a safety concern when inhaled. Currently, the FDA has requested additional data from aerosol spray sunscreen manufacturers but has not stopped manufacturing of the product. 

Consumer Reports also cautions users to “use spray sunscreen carefully” and to “avoid using sprays on children.”

EWG Sun Safety campaign states, “Given the ease of applying them on squirming kids and hard-to-reach areas, these super-popular aerosolized sunscreens may seem like a dream come true. But they may pose serious inhalation risks. They certainly make it too easy to apply too little or miss a spot.” 

The American Academy of Dermatology also cautions against spray sunscreen usage, stating, “The challenge in using spray sunscreen is that it is difficult to know if you have used enough sunscreen to cover all sun exposed areas of the body, which may result in inadequate coverage.”

Another concern with aerosol spray sunscreen is, it is flammable. The FDA reported five separate incidents in recent years in which people who were wearing spray sunscreen near a source of flames were seriously burned. 

Bret Sigworth suffered burns after applying aerosol spray sunscreen and, after rubbing it in, went back to his BBQ where he caught on fire. I don’t know about you, but I would feel terribly if my child caught fire because of the sunscreen I was using. I know it doesn’t happen often, but the fact of the matter is, it DOES happen. 

EWG recommends avoiding spray sunscreens entirely. “These ingredients are not meant to be inhaled into the lungs.

After reading all of this, I stand by my decision to not use aerosol spray sunscreen and hope you will reconsider using it as well. 

What are your thoughts?

Violife Rockee Toothbrush and Zapi Luxe Toothbrush Sanitizer Giveaway!

I absolutely love our Violife Rockee Toothbrush and our Zapi Luxe Toothbrush Sanitizer. We use both of these multiple times a day! I am so excited that one lucky reader will win BOTH of these amazing products!

Find out why I love the Violife Rockee toothbrush here, and why I love the Zapi Luxe Toothbrush Sanitizer here.

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Wee Can Too Chalk- Art Supplies for Babies, Toddlers and Children Review and Giveaway

Do you know how many harmful chemicals are in the chalk your children play with?!? Chalk is made from primary calcium carbonate which is a form of limestone. Other main components of chalk are gypsum, silica, phosphorus, iron, alumina, phosphorus, sulphur, manganese, copper, titanium, sodium oxide, fluorine, stronitum and arsenic. Founders of Wee Can Too Sarid Ditton and Nichole Groat saw all these chemicals and realized these were not good for their children to play with! She set out on  mission to create all natural art supplies for her children. Wee can too art supplies are made with fruits and vegetables. They are safe for your children to play with and eat, but they do not taste good trust me! I had to taste them to see what it was like. 🙂
Chalk in packaging
Chalk in packaging


Wee Can Too chalk comes in 5 different colors. Pink, green, yellow, orange and purple. Bunny loves playing with chalk, but I do not love the chemicals found in chalk. I was going to make my own chalk, but almost all of the Do It Yourself chalk recipes called for plaster of paris. Bunny likes to taste chalk, and I did not want her tasting plaster of paris! The only chalk Bunny uses is Wee Can Too’s veggie sidewalk chalk. 

The colors of the veggie sidewalk chalk are bright and fun. There is not a huge variety of color, but hopefully Wee Can Too will be able to expand their color line soon! A child only needs a few colors to be creative! Bunny has played with chalk with two and even three other children and there has always been enough veggie chalk to go around. I really like the peace of mind veggie chalk gives me. I know if/when Bunny decides to put chalk in her mouth, that it is non toxic and will not harm her. I can let her have fun and explore without putting toxic chemicals in her hands. 

You can buy Wee Can Too Veggie sidewalk chalk here. Another thing I really like about Wee Can Too veggie chalk is, it comes in eco friendly packaging! YES!
Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner/company.

Violife Zapi Luxe Toothbrush Sanitizer Review

The Zapi is super easy to use. To use the Zapi, you shake off the excess water from your toothbrush then insert the toothbrush head in the Zapi. Once the toothbrush is in the Zapi you push the button on the front. In 6 minutes your toothbrush is clean and sanitized! Zapi shuts off automatically after the 6 minute cycle is complete. How great is that?! Zapi is super neat because it doesn’t topple over! Zapi has the same design as the Rockee toothbrush! Zapi also comes in many different colors and is cute enough to leave on your bathroom counter all the time.  Zapi eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, including E. Coli, Staph, H1N1, Salmonella and Listeria. 
Violife Zapi Luxe- Isn’t it cute?!
Bunny drops her toothbrush constantly. She insists on brushing her teeth on her own and, after I brush her teeth, I let her do it by herself. Bunny is still in the stage where once she is done with the item in her hand she drops it. Even though Bunny uses a Rockee toothbrush, I am still paranoid about what is on her toothbrush! I love that Zapi is so easy to use and takes little to no effort on my end. Using the Zapi takes me maybe 60 more seconds than my normal routine. Once Bunny is done with her toothbrush, I rinse it off then tap off the excess water and put it in our Zapi. Easy peasy! Hours later, after I brush my teeth, I take Bunny’s toothbrush out of the Zapi and sanitize my toothbrush! This is not just a children’s product! Zapi can, and should be, used for the entire family. 
with toothbrush head- Zapi is off
with toothbrush head top view- Zapi is off
toothbrush head- Zapi is on
toothbrush head top view- Zapi is on

toothbrush head- Zapi is on, lights are off
toothbrush head top view- Zapi is on, lights are off


Zapi can be used with any manual toothbrush and any electric toothbrush head. I love how easy Zapi is to use! I highly recommend Violife Zapi Luxe toothbrush sanitizer! Nobody wants a dirty toothbrush! Zapi can be purchased here for $40. 
Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner/company.

Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

Jamberry nail wraps. What are they? Jamberry nail wraps are non toxic, vegan vinyl nail stickers that adhere to your nails (natural, acrylics, gels) through heat and pressure. With Jamberry nail wraps, there is NO drying time! They last up to 2 weeks on your finger nails and 6 weeks on your toes. There is no chipping, smudging or drying time. There are over 300 designs, including solids, french tips, designs, sports themes, university logos and many more! There truly is something for everyone! 

Jamberry nail wraps are very easy to apply. The first time I applied Jamberry nail wraps, it only took me 30 minutes to do all 10 fingers. I did stop to check on the laundry and grab a glass of water. And I was very meticulous about everything. I was able to sit and watch a t.v. show while I applied my Jamberry nail wraps. Ever since I had Bunny, I can’t seem to sit and watch t.v. without doing something else! Applying Jambery nail wraps while I watch t.v. is a great way to relax as well as feeling like I am being productive. Every subsequent time I have applied Jamberry nail wraps, the amount of time it takes me decreases. 

Jamberry nail wraps are SUPER easy to apply. The first time I applied a Jamberry nail wrap, I had no idea what I was doing, and was a little bit nervous I was going to do it wrong. But I applied them the right way (it’s not hard to do!) and they actually stayed on my nails for 2 weeks! The second time I applied Jamberry nail wraps was just as easy as the first time! The third and fourth time were still easy! Seriously, applying Jamberry nail wraps are EASY! Honestly, I did not think Jamberry nail wraps would be this easy to use. When I tried them for the first time my intent was to see how hard they were to use and how fast they would come off. I really did not think they would be easy, or that they would last on my nails. I was very pleasantly surprised. 

How do you apply Jamberry nails? You use the clear backing to find which shield fits your finger. Then cut the shied in half. Heat it up for 3-5 seconds until it gets soft, then lay it on your nail. Once it is on your nail, smooth the shield out so there are no air pockets. Pressure is key! Heat and pressure are what cause the shield to adhere to your nail. Once the shield is cool, trim the excess and either file it downward or use nail clippers. Easy peasy! 

Jamberry nail wraps are so easy to apply to my finger nails, I thought I would be adventurous and apply them to my toe nails. I must say, it was daunting at first and looked super complicated. But once I got started I realized how simple it was and before I knew it, I was done! The best part is, as I am typing this, my Jamberry pedicure has been on my toe nails for THREE WEEKS! And they still look fabulous! I don’t know about you, but when I get a pedicure I am lucky if the nail polish lasts 2 weeks, and I am really lucky if it still looks good after 1 week! 

Here are a few application videos which show you a couple different ways to apply Jamberry nail wraps. All you need is rubbing alcohol, a nail file, some manicure scissors, a cuticle pusher and a hair dryer! Jamberry does sell a mini heater and an application set. I opted for the mini heater because it is MUCH quieter than my hair dryer!
Jamberry nail wraps cost $15 per sheet. You can get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures out of 1 sheet. That makes each application $3.75! Plus, Jamberry has a buy 3 get 1 free offer right now, and if you take advantage of that, each sheet ends up costing $11.25, which averages out to $2.82 per application! 
I love the clean look of Jamberry nail wraps. There are no brush lines, no smudges when you inevitably hit something while your nails are drying, no nail polish on your fingers, no messy clean up. And Jamberry doesn’t fade!
Day 1
Day 7
What I love most about Jamberry nail wraps is their amazing designs. I always want a neat design on my fingers and toes but I have a hard time paying extra for it when getting a manicure or pedicure. Especially when I know that design from a salon will not last more than 2 weeks. With Jamberry nail wraps, I can have fabulous looking nails with intricate designs, right from the comfort of my own couch! 
Bottom is day 1, top is day 7.
Jamberry nail wraps are super easy to take off. To take them off I simply peeled them off like a sticker. The best part is, my nails underneath were NOT damaged! When I had acrylic nails on, every time I would take them off my real nail would be destroyed. Not with Jamberry! 
Purchase your Jamberry Nail Wraps here. Do not forget, if you buy 3 you get 1 free! (I love free stuff!)
Here is a video on how to apply Jamberry nails!


Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner/company.

SwimZip Swimming Suit Review

I am super pale and burn really easily. Like 30 minutes in the sun and I am a lobster. Bunny has my fair complexion and this summer I was slightly (okay very) worried about her sun exposure. Especially since we have a pool in our backyard and I assumed we would be spending a lot of time in the pool. My assumptions were correct. It is early June and we have gone swimming almost every single day. Because I was worried about Bunny’s skin and did not want her to get burned, I decided to try a SwimZip swimming suit. 

SwimZip is a UPF 50+ swimming suit line for babies, toddlers, children, and even adults.  SwimZip swimming suits block 98% of UV rays. Amazing! SwimZip swimming suits have a signature full zipper down the front of their rash guard shirts. The zipper makes it easy to put on and take off your child’s swimming suit. SwimZip swimming suits are really adorable. It was so hard to pick just one! I ended up buying a few more for Bunny, and one for myself too! I love the protection SwimZip offers. I do apply sunscreen to both Bunny and myself before we go swimming (or outside in general), but SwimZip offers unlimited protection against the sun. I do not have to reapply Bunny’s swimming suit after an hour. I do not have to worry about her sunscreen washing off in the pool. I love that SwimZip swimming suits are shirts. I love the coverage it offers. My shoulders get burned every single summer, but so far this year, I have not had any sun burns and neither has Bunny! 

SwimZip swimming suits are VERY affordable. Most rash guards cost around $50, but SwimZip swimming suit SETS cost around $20 to $40 depending on the style. The $40 set is the adult set. The women’s adult set comes with a bikini AND a rash guard! What a deal! I actually bought the adult set just for the shirt! 

Bunny looks super cute in her swimming suit and is safe from the harmful sun rays. What could be better than that?! We wore our SwimZips to the splash park nearby and recived many comments on how cute we both looked and many questions about our swim wear.  

SwimZip is my favorite swimming suit for Bunny. Bunny wears this swimming suit almost every day. Bunny’s SwimZip swimming suit has held up well to every day wear and multiple washings. The swimming suit is very durable AND it is super cute! There are so many great patterns and styles, it is hard to choose just one! The boy’s and men’s swimming suits also come with a rash guard which is fantastic! Everyone needs to protect themselves against the sun. 
When I was searching the internet for rash guards for toddlers, I could not find any that were as cute as SwimZip! The other rash guards were also much more expensive. I love that SwimZip is not just a rash guard, it is an entire swimming suit!
Bunny will be sporting this swimming suit for the rest of summer. I really do love the protection SwimZip offers, and I love how cute and stylish the swimming suits are. I only wish they had more options for the adults! 
SwimZip also offers one piece swimming suits and UV swim covers. Both of these items are a must for a day at the beach! 
Do you love SwimZip as much as I do? You can buy your SwimZip here!
Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner/company.