BARE Air Free Baby Bottle Review

BARE air free baby bottles are the newest anti colic bottles around. Much to my dismay, BARE baby bottles were not available for purchase when Bunny was at the age where bottles could be useful. I was very hopeful this bottle would be available when I needed it, because Bunny was VERY picky about her bottles. BARE was exciting to me because it looked like the breast in the way the nipple works and is supposed to help baby latch just like they would at the breast, making it easy to transition from breast to bottle. The air free design looked similar to the nurser bottles which use bags, only using bags is not very eco friendly. I was very excited to receive this bottle and try it out!

Because Bunny was no longer using bottles when I received this bottle to review, I was unable to obtain first hand knowledge using the BARE baby bottle with an infant. I did give it to Bunny to try and she was able to run around and drink from it. You can definitely use this bottle in an upright position. 

The parts of the bottle are



Top View of air plug
Bottom View of air plug


This is the air plug, one of the parts that makes the BARE bottle different from other bottles.  The air plug is made out of plastic and it is very thin. I damaged the first air plug I received and am not sure what I did to damage it. It is recommended to replace the air plug every 6-8 weeks. BARE is the only air free baby bottle which minimizes air ingestion known to cause gas and colic in babies.
How to assemble the BARE baby bottle 
Make sure to remove foot before installing Air-plug
1. Pick up bottle from the top, making sure the word “bare” reads from bottom to top, as shown. 


 2. Gently place bottle over Air-plug and push down until the base of bottle touches the flat surface. 
Do NOT insert Air-plug by hand.
  3. Press bottle evenly & firmly down over foot. The foot will raise the Air-plug to proper height inside bottle, ready to hold liquids.
 4. Fill bottle with liquid to desired measurement.
5. Gently twist nipple/collar clockwise until you feel a click. Do not over-tighten.


 After you have assembled and filled the bottle, now you need to expel the air. 

To expel the air you:


 1. Hold the bottle upright in one hand.
2. Push the finger ring located at the bottom center of the Air-plug with your finger while keeping the Air-plugstraight.
Finger Ring
make sure bottle is upright
 3. A small amount of milk will squirt out of the nipple, indicating that all air has been expelled.
There was some milk leaking out once all the air was expelled, and you can see some milk snuck into the air plug. Once the milk was done squirting out after the air was expelled, the BARE bottle stopped leaking. With BARE, there is no need to buy different staged nipples. There is only one nipple to buy, the baby used their own suction to increase or decrease the milk flow, much like nursing at the breast. Because of this, the baby controls the amount of milk as well as the pace at which s/he drinks. 




The BARE bottle did leak the first few times I used it, around the air plug. The first air plug I received became damaged, and the company sent me a new air plug. The BARE takes a few tries to get the hang of it. After a few uses I was able to properly use the air plug without any leakage. All of the parts of the BARE bottle MUST be completely dry in order to be leak free. 

I tested the leak proof ness against five other anti colic, anti air, more like the breast bottles. Only one of the five leaked when turned upside down. 


The design of the nipple is very neat. It looks like the old style nursing bottles, which in my experience, breastfed babies seem to prefer. 

The Perfe-latch nipple features a short teat to stimulate baby to latch on areola (wide part of the nipple) and maintain a good seal. The teat extends when baby latches and sucks properly, to help prevent nipple confusion. No need for nipple stages; different size orifices on nipple’s teat allow baby to control flow rate with suction strength.”

 Because of the air free design, the BARE bottle can be used while baby is sitting up. This positioning is helpful when doing paced bottle feeding, which is very beneficial and the recommended way to feed babies. (Read more about paced bottle feeding, and how to bottle feed a breast fed baby here.)


 “From the way our nipples extend inside the baby’s mouth to the way air-free milk is dispensed only upon suction and natural flow that’s controlled by the baby’s suction strength, Bare® is designed to mimic a mother’s breast.”
 When baby is done sucking on the BARE bottle, or takes a break, air does escape into the nipple. It is not much, but definitely there. You can easily expel the air again. 




 If baby drinks all of the milk in the BARE bottle, this is what the bottle looks like. Since Bunny is past the bottle stage, I emptied the bottle and when the bottle was empty, I could feel the plastic underneath the nipple. 


It is recommended to hand wash the BARE bottle because the high temperature of the dishwasher could damage the parts. I personally prefer to hand wash baby bottles, instead of putting them in the dishwasher. If hand washing bottles is a deterrent, this might not be the bottle for you. 
Overall, the BARE bottle has a unique and wonderful design. I do think the air plug takes a bit to get used to. Once I got the hang of using the air plug, I no longer had leaks. I will definitely try this bottle with my next baby.

You can purchase BARE baby bottles here for around $15 each.

Disclaimer: I received these items free to review. My views and opinions are my own.