Balboa Baby Sling Review and Giveaway

Bunny loves to be carried and I love to carry her! With my growing belly this is getting harder to do for long periods of time. The Balboa Baby Sling allows me to carry Bunny without growing weary. 



Balboa Baby Sling is a soft, one size, adjustable baby sling. Balboa Baby Sling currently comes in thirteen different patterns/colors. Balboa Baby Sling can be adjusted from size xsmall (18″ tail) to size xlarge (6″ tail). This is great for my growing pregnant and soon to be postpartum body.
Balboa Baby Sling has a very convenient front pocket. You can put your phone, a burp rag, baby’s pacifier or favorite and more in the pocket. Balboa Baby Sling shoulder area is padded, which makes for a comfortable ride for mommy or daddy. Balboa Baby Sling is machine washable, which is great! When baby spits up on the sling, you can easily wash it in your washing machine. Balboa Baby Sling fits babies from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds. Bunny is currently around 25 pounds and still fits perfectly.

You can wear your Balboa Baby Sling with your baby in four different positions. All of these are great for smaller babies. Since I do not currently have a tiny baby, I am using a three month old size baby doll to demonstrate the carries. Once my bun in the oven is here, I will definitely update you all as to how much I love using my Balboa Baby Sling with a newborn.
The first position is the cuddle style which allows you to cuddle baby close to you.

Please keep in mind I am using a doll. Your baby’s airway should be clear at all times. Do not let your baby smash its face against your body like the doll is doing here. Make sure to wrap the outer elastic trim around your baby’s back and neck for maximum support.

The second position is the cradle style which would be great for nursing on the go!


The third position is the front carry style which allows baby to see the world while being close to you. 

 Again, this is a doll and the head is not in the proper position. Please make sure your baby’s head is supported. Baby’s legs can be bent and crossed or or stretched out to one side.

The fourth position is the hip carry style which is what Bunny and I use. This style is the best for toddlers. 





Bunny loves to have the sling over her shoulders, up around her neck.
Balboa Baby has a video for each carry which shows you how to properly fit the sling to you and hold your baby safely.
Sometimes Bunny likes to walk, and sometimes she likes to be carried. Balboa Baby Sling is very portable and fits easily in a diaper bag. Balboa Baby Sling is not bulky unlike some other soft structured carries. Balboa Baby Sling is easy to put on and take off.
With my growing belly I can no longer use a soft structured carried like Ergo, Lillebaby, and Tula, ones that buckle around the waist. Balboa Baby Sling allows me to carry Bunny while pregnant. Wraps are great but take too much time and effort to get Bunny in and out of. Balboa Baby Sling is simple and easy to use. When Bunny wants to run around and play or walk, I can easily and quickly get her out of my Balboa Baby Sling. When Bunny wants to be held again, I can easily and quickly, and painlessly, put her back in my Balboa Baby Sling. I did not try a sling with Bunny when she was an infant, but I can see how using a sling with a smaller baby would be beneficial.

You can buy your Balboa Baby Sling online for $60. You can also enter for a chance to win one here!

You can view the giveaway here

Combi F2 Stroller Review

The Combi F2 stroller is the newest stroller in the Combi family. The F2 is so new, it is not available for purchase yet. The F2 is scheduled to be released in August and will be available for purchase at

I LOVE this stroller! The F2 is VERY light, at 3.8 kg. This stroller is so light I can pick it up with one hand, and it doesn’t take much effort.

The F2 can be opened and closed with one hand. Seriously, with one hand. I can hold Bunny in my arms and open AND close this stroller with ONE hand! This feature is amazing! I don’t know how many times I have fumbled around with a stroller trying to get it to open. When I am out shopping on a hot summers day, it is difficult for me to leave Bunny in the car while I open a stroller, even if the door is open. But, unless I want her to run around like a crazy person while I open the stroller and load it up, sitting in the hot car is the only option. Not anymore! I can hold Bunny WHILE I open this stroller! More strollers need this feature!

Locked, can’t unfold
Unlocked and ready to fold
To fold you unlock the handlebar and press the lever down.

The steering on the F2 is amazing! You can easily push the stroller with one hand. You can turn with little effort as well. Bunny loves to push this stroller around! My 5 year old niece was able to push Bunny in the F2. That would not have been possible with most strollers.

 The canopy on the F2 is very large. It has three panels that allow it to cover ALL of your baby. I really dislike when a stroller canopy does not cover all of your baby. What is the point of a sun canopy if it doesn’t keep the sun off your baby! The canopy also has integrated sunshade that is able to block over 99% of ultra violet rays.

The seat of the F2 is mesh, which makes is breathable and more comfortable in summer. Everyone who sees the F2 has comments on the breathable mesh seating. The seat itself is very large and roomy. The backrest is adjustable, and easily adjusts with one hand. It seems like everything had one hand possibilities with the F2! The backrest goes from a seated position of 120 degrees to a reclined position of 135 degrees. The F2 backrest is adjusted using a buckle that is similar to many soft structured carriers adjustable buckles. This allows you to easily change the backrest position with one hand, if needed. The F2 has a 5 point harness system which is extremely easy to adjust.

simply pull on the strap to sit the backrest back up
to lean the backrest down, simply pull the tab!

The F2 has a large undercarriage basket. I can easily fit a small diaper bag in the basket. The undercarriage basket can hold up to 10 pounds. The handle on the F2 is at a great height, at 102 cm. My Love and I are both very comfortable pushing the F2. There is no hunching of the shoulders or crouching down when pushing the F2.

The F2 is recommended for babies 6 months 36 months old. The weight limit on the F2 is 40 pounds.

The F2 folds down easily and is super SUPER small. I was able to comfortably fit the F2 behind my front seat in my car and it only took up the leg room! The F2 is GREAT for traveling! If you do not have a ton of space for a huge, bulky stroller, the F2 is your traveling companion. I can stuff my car full of suitcases and people and still have room for a stroller. Most parents know how rare this is! Typically the stroller takes up most, if not all, of the space in your trunk. Not the F2! You do not need to take the F2 out of your trunk before you go to the grocery store! I hate when I get done shopping and realize there is only enough room for a stroller OR my packages.

side view folded.
Top view folded


What is really neat about the F2 is, you can choose what color you would like it to be. With the F2 you can customize the wheel caps and the “legs” of the stroller. You can choose between blue, white, yellow, red, pink, and black. 

If you take public transportation often, the F2 is definitely the stroller for you. The F2 fold so quickly and easily, it makes getting on and off a bus or a train painless. If you are traveling often, this is your stroller. We recently flew on an airplane and took a train to and from the airport. Having the F2 would have saved us so much time and headaches. If you don’t take public transportation and don’t travel often, the F2 is still an excellent choice. The F2 would be great for trips to the zoo, Disney Land, the park, a walk around the block, anywhere really! The F2 is my husband’s GO TO stroller. We have a $1,000 stroller and my husband picks the F2 every time. 
I will definitely post when the F2 is available to purchase. In the meantime, you can stalk Combi here
Disclaimer: I received this item to review. My opinion and views are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner.