17 week update

17 weeks! It feels like I have been pregnant for a long time, yet I am not even half way there! I have been feeling pretty good recently. I am still hungry and eating more! No real cravings, they change every few days. The only consistent craving is salad. Any kind of salad. I LOVE salad! I am also craving food someone else makes šŸ™‚ Not having to prepare food is the best gift ever!

My pelvis has been achy recently. When I was pregnant with Bunny my pelvis was crazy and hurt me occasionally. I could always lay down and have my hips pop back into place. If that didn’t work, My Love would pull on my legs and that would help. With the baby, however, since the day I got pregnant I have been feeling my pelvis more. My midwife suggested I see a chiropractor, and I did just that today. I feel good, not 100% better, but definitely a little better. I have never gone to a chiropractor before and did not realize you are supposed to go at least two times a month while pregnant. At least, that is what my friends have said they did. Who knew! The main difference I have noticed is I am feeling my baby move more. The past few days I haven’t felt as much movement from my little baby, but it is pretty early in my pregnancy to be feeling any movement. I do have a doppler at home and have been checking on the baby’s heart beat every day, so I know the baby is doing well. Since I have seen the chiropractor, I have felt my baby move much more than I have in the past few days. I guess the chiropractic care is working! Hopefully seeing a chiropractor, along with my midwife, will help this baby to be in the right position.

I am loving being pregnant! I love how my body looks when I am pregnant, I love feeling the baby move. I really truly LOVE being pregnant. Bunny and I are nursing three to four times a day. I love nursing Bunny. I hope I can tandem nurse. Bunny will wean when she is ready, and I know I will be sad whenever that day comes. If she weans before the baby is here, great. If she weans after the baby is born, great. Before I got pregnant with Bunny, I never thought I would nurse a baby this long, but I am so glad I decided to let her self wean. I am so excited for the birth of this baby and for Bunny to be a big sister. I can’t wait for My Love and Bunny to be able to feel the baby move!



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