Silver Nipple Shields for Cracked or Sore Nipples Review AND giveaway

I think every breastfeeding mom has had to deal with sore or cracked nipples. There are all sorts of creams that are supposed to help your nipples while being safe for baby. I tried a couple of the creams, but when I used them, Bunny would NOT nurse! It seemed like Bunny disliked the taste of the creams. Even if I would rub the cream off prior to nursing, Bunny still would not nurse. I had to wash my nipples before Bunny would nurse. Because of this, I started doing a little research to see what my options were to help with sore nipples. While I was researching I came across breast shells. Breast shells are typically a big huge plastic shell that keeps your nipple from touching your clothing. They did not look comfortable and looked very bulky. I wished there was a better option. I was not able to find any alternative here in the US until now! I was thrilled when I found these silver nipple shields!
Silver nipple shields are a natural alternative to plastic shields for sensitive or cracked nipples. Silver nipple shields are easy to use cups that sit over your nipple. They are one size fits all and are designed to be worn under a bra. The silver nipple shields are 925 sterling silver. Silver has natural anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and curing effects. Silver nipple shields can be used for painful, sore and/or cracked nipples, or as a precautionary measure to prevent these issues. Silver nipple shields trap breast milk, which helps cracked and sore nipples to heal. When using silver nipple shields, there is no need for creams or pads. 
The silver nipple shields come in their own bag. The bag is wonderful to keep them in while not in use. I love when items come with something to store them in! 
Outside of Silver Nipple Shields
The shield keeps your nipple from rubbing against your clothing, easing any pain or sensitivity you might have from nursing. I know during the first few months it was very painful at times when my bra, or even my nursing pad, rubbed against my nipples. Silver nipple shields help cracked nipples ease pain quickly by using your own breast milk to help heal your nipples. Freshly expressed breast milk, when applied to your nipples, will soothe your nipples and help reduce the chances of infection, because human milk has antibacterial properties. LLLI 
Inside of Silver Nipple Shields
To use Silver nipple shields in conjunction with your breast milk, spread a few drops of breast milk all over the nipple and place the shield on top of your nipple, inside your bra.  The Silver nipple shield won’t move and feels very comfortable. The Silver nipple shield creates a healing shelter by keeping your nipples in contact with breast milk as well as preventing your nipples from rubbing on your clothing or breast pads. You can wear breast pads on top of the silver nipple shields if you, like me, have an abundance of milk.  Using both the silver nipple shields and breast pads will contain leakage and stop the breast pads from touching or sticking to your sore nipples. Wearing the silver nipple shields under a breast pad is helpful on those days when ANYTHING touching your nipples makes you want to cry. 
The Silver Nipple Shields stack together to fit easily inside their bag. 
The silver nipple shields are very easy to clean. To clean you sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into each cup and add a couple drops of water until you make a paste. Then rub thoroughly all around the cups to remove any residue. Rinse and dry! It is suggested to clean the silver nipple shields a couple times per day if they are in use all day long. 
If you have sore and/or cracked nipples, I highly suggest the Silver Nipple Shields. I did not have these when Bunny was a small baby, but I do know these would have been extremely helpful. I have used them often now. Bunny is 16 months old and nursing. I still have random days where my nipples are sensitive. On these days, the silver nipple shields are wonderful. Silver nipple shields are a MUST for nursing moms. 

I am so excited to be able to give away a pair of silver nipple shields! 

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Please seek advice to ensure that your baby is latching properly, as this will help the healing process.
If cracks or pain continue, please see a health advisor or lactation specialist. If these is any irritation, please discontinue use immediately.

Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner