Baby Leggings (leg warmers) Review

Bunny is tall and slim. Always has been. She has stayed in the 90% for height and 15% for weight her entire life. This makes it hard for pants, or anything that goes around the waist, to fit her. Bunny is now 14 months old. 12 month pants/shorts/skirts fit her waist but are way too short length wise. 18 month pants/shorts/skirts fit her length wise but are way too loose around her waist. My solution to this is baby leggings! Baby leggings are leg warmers for babies. 
There are a few different brands of baby leggings, the most popular are babylegs and judanzy. They both seem to fit the same. One brand doesn’t fit better than the other. 
There are two sizes of baby leggings, newborn and one size. Bunny wore newborn size until she was about 3 months old, the fit is different for each baby. Bunny is 14 months currently and is still wearing the one size. 
Perfect with a onsie.
Baby leggings are absolutely adorable! I pair them with dresses, onsies, rompers, shorts, skirts, anything! One time we were out and I forgot Bunny’s jacket in the car. I had an extra pair of baby leggings in the diaper bag so I used those on her arms to keep her warm! There are so many different colors and patterns of baby leggings, one for each outfit! There are holiday leggings, ruffled leggings, every kind you can think of!
Baby leggings go well with a romper!
Baby leggings are great for layering. We visited the snow a few months ago and put a pair of baby leggings on Bunny under her pants to keep her extra warm. When we recently visited San Francisco, baby leggings were a great way to layer clothes on Bunny. If it got too warm we simply took the baby leggings off. If it got to be cold again, we put the baby leggings back on. 
Works wonderful as tights!
Diaper changes are SO MUCH easier when Bunny is wearing baby leggings. I don’t have to pull the baby leggings off her, I don’t have to struggle with pants around her ankles while trying to wipe. Diaper changes are a breeze when Bunny is wearing baby leggings. I highly recommend baby leggings to all my mama friends. Baby leggings are not just for girls either! I have many friends with boys who use baby leggings. I have plenty of baby leggings waiting for a little baby boy to wear! 
Newborn Baby Leggings SO CUTE!