16 Week Update

I am 16 weeks! Only 4 more weeks until we find out if this baby is a boy, like I think he is! I am so excited. I don’t care either way, girl or boy is a okay with me! I am feeling a LOT better. The nausea is almost non existent, and I am finally hungry! Yay! Hopefully I will start gaining some weight. Bunny is doing great. She knows not to bounce on mama any more, and to be careful around my belly. She knows where the baby is on my body, and that the baby is in my womb. We haven’t talked about the birth yet, but we have plenty of time for that! I think she is too little to really understand it. We are planning on a natural birth, with a labor tub. I am not opposed to giving birth in the tub, but I am not adamant that I must give birth in the tub.
I am absolutely thrilled with my midwives. They are wonderful. I love my OBGYN as well, I have no complaints about her. She is the best OBGYN I have had, and I love her nurse! I am very excited to have this baby! I didn’t have any labor with Bunny, she was an immediate c-section. I am VERY excited to labor naturally!

12 Week Ultrasound!

We had a 12 week genetic ultrasound today! I must admit I only did the genetic testing because of the ultrasound. In just one week my little bean has grown so much! He is so big and so perfect! Every part of his body is there. Every single part. We saw his arms and hands, his legs and feet. His profile. It was wonderful and amazing. I am so blessed. I have started feeling him move. When I lay on my side to nurse Bunny, I can feel my sweet little baby moving inside of me. It is the best feeling ever. I love being pregnant, despite the nausea. I am still nauseated all day and night. I had hoped it would have faded by now, but the nausea is still there. Maybe next week I will feel better!

Bunny has an exciting announcement!

Bunny is excited to announce she will be a big sister in/around April of next year! 

Things have been slow around here, as I am sure you’ve noticed, because of this pregnancy. I am experiencing all day sickness but I am happy (and nervous because I don’t want to jinx it) to say, the all day sickness seems to be subsiding! I will (hopefully) be back to posting a review or two a week! 

I want to document everything!

I look at my sweet baby’s smile and I want to take a picture. I want to follow her around with a video camera and capture every move she makes. I want to remember this time with her forever. Everything she does amazes me. She is learning so much, so fast! I love watching her walk around the house, stopping to play with a toy before she moves on to the next one. She laughs and yells at the puppies, then chases them around. Every single day Bunny learns something new. A new baby sign, a new word, a new sound. I can spend all day watching her. Her smiles are contagious, her laughs make my heart melt. I am so lucky to be her mom.

There are days I look around the house and see all the things that need to be done. The laundry (I am GREAT at washing it, not so great about folding it and putting it away), the dishes (oh so many dishes, its like they multiple! Every time I look at the sink there are more than the last time I looked!), vacuuming (multiple times a week for heavens sake!), mopping, the list goes on and on. Sometimes all I see are the things I need to do, the things I can write on a list and check off once they are done. I often forget about the things I have already done (fed the baby, fed myself, cleaned up after feeding us, picked up the toys, changed her diaper a bajillion times in one day, outfit changes due to fun and messes, cupboards I put back together after Bunny tore them apart), and the things that can’t be written on a list and checked off. The things that can’t be written on a list and checked off are the most important ones. Sitting down and reading a book, having a conversation with my 1 year old, playing on the floor with her, giving her a hug just because she wants one, singing her songs, this list goes on and on. These are the things she will remember. She (hopefully) wont remember the sink full of dirty dishes, the clean laundry piled high on the sofa.

The little things that I see, my sweet baby doesn’t see. She sees her mom playing with her, reading her books, never being too busy for a hug. I need to see these things, and remember the importance of them. I need to remember their worth. These little activities I do with her all day, they can not be measured and checked off a list. One day she will be grown up enough that she won’t need me every moment of every day. Then I will have time to have a spotless house. Then I will miss all the little things that mean so much.

Happy Valentines Day!

Today Bunny, My Love, and I did a Valentines day craft! I was originally going to let Bunny have a grand time with home made finger paints, but the paints did not come out right! I will have to re work the recipe and try again. Instead we created this!

A Canvas to hang on the wall.

Valentines Cards to give out to the family!
Since my homemade paint did not work out, I had to use regular craft paint. (Bad Mom!) It turned out pretty well! Bunny was pretty receptive to it, although My Love did have to help. Bunny enjoyed the paint on her hands! I can’t wait to perfect my paint recipe so Bunny can have fun playing in the finger paints! Happy Valentines day everyone!

We went on a REAL date!

Tonight My Love and I went out on a REAL date! WITHOUT Bunny!!! We wanted to “celebrate” Valentines day a day early to avoid the crowds. (Wow I sound old!) This is the first date we have been on, without Bunny, since she was born! We have gone on many dates that included her. Yes, she is a year old. But I am a first time mom who hasn’t wanted, or needed, to leave her baby. I am happy to say Bunny did GREAT while we were gone! This is only the second time she has been without Mom or Dad. She didn’t cry once! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with My Love. We were able to talk without interruptions! I was able to look at him, eat with him and nobody was climbing on me, grabbing my face, or trying to eat my food! It was wonderful! When we came home Bunny waved, smiled, ran over and laughed for a full minute! It was the perfect ending to our date!