Kid O Fit – Barefoot Shoes for Kids Review

I am really strict about what shoes Bunny will wear. I want Bunny to wear the best shoes possible to help her learn to walk properly. Before I had a baby, I would see shoes for kids that cost more than $10 and think, “I would NEVER spend that much money on a pair of shoes for a child! They out grow them too fast! Waste of money!” Now, however, I realize the importance of Bunny wearing a proper pair of shoes. Shoes for new walkers should not be large and clunky, they should be flexible, light weight and fit properly. Bunny started out in soft soled shoes around 11 months old. When Bunny started being more active outdoors, I wanted a shoe that still functioned like a soft soled shoe, but offered Bunny protection against the ground and whatever she might step on. I did a bunch of research (as I am prone to do) and found KidOFit shoes. 

KidOFit shoes was created by Ron Bar. Ron Bar has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and has been developing innovative foot care products for over 20 years. Ron created KidOFit when his adult daughters had a hard time finding well fitting shoes for their children. KidOFit shoes are designed to promote healthy foot development in infants and toddlers. And they are adorable! 

I love the KidOFit shoes because they have transparent soles which allow me to check the fit of the shoe. The transparent soles also allow me to see if the shoes still fit Bunny’s feet or if she needs a new pair of shoes. Children’s feet grow so fast, I am always concerned about putting Bunny in the right size shoe. I REALLY like the transparent sole. 


Bunny has narrow feet. This makes it hard to find shoes that fit her properly. KidOFit shoes have an elastic collar, a heel strap, and fitting inserts. The elastic collar stretches around your child’s heel to conform to their foot width. The collar also helps when putting the shoes on. You don’t have to squeeze your child’s foot into the shoe, the collar is wide enough to allow their entire foot to go through. 

All KidOFit shoes (except the boots) have a heel strap on the back of the shoe. This allows you to adjust the grip of the shoe around the heel, which helps to eliminate slippage. The heel straps allows you to get a customized fit for your child’s foot. This is great for Bunny with her narrow feet! Finally a shoe that actually fits her foot and doesn’t leave a gap on the sides!

KidOFit shoes also come with a set of inserts, which can be used to reduce the space inside the shoes when the fit is too wide or too loose. This is also great because when your child’s foot grows, the inserts can be removed, which extends the life of the shoe! 

Another feature I love about KidOFit shoes, and the most important feature to me, is light and flexible sole. KidOFit’s soles are flexible which allows the foot to move naturally and respond to the walking surface much as the foot would without shoes on. Flexible shoes are so important because they allow the foot and ankle to develop naturally by enabling the child’s foot to respond to changes when walking. Inflexible, rigid shoes restrict motion and are potentially harmful to the developing foot. Sadly, there are not many options for flexible soles for children, even though it is the best option. I love that KidOFit shoes go up to a size 12 in children’s shoes.  

KidOFit shoes have a wide and roomy toe box, where your child’s toes rest. This toe box conforms to the unique shape of your child’s foot and allows your child to wriggle and spread their toes without constriction. I know for me there is nothing worse than not being able to move my toes in my shoes. The wide base of the shoe also enhances stability. 

KidOFit shoes start at $42 per pair, depending on the style. Right now, until June 30, KidOFit is offering a 10% off discount (772018) and FREE shipping and returns! KidOFit has their summer sandals available for purchase. It is SO hard to find cute sandals for toddlers that are also appropriate for their feet. I am so excited to have found KidOFit! Purchase your KidOFit shoes here

Disclaimer: I received these items to review. My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the product owner/company.