I want to document everything!

I look at my sweet baby’s smile and I want to take a picture. I want to follow her around with a video camera and capture every move she makes. I want to remember this time with her forever. Everything she does amazes me. She is learning so much, so fast! I love watching her walk around the house, stopping to play with a toy before she moves on to the next one. She laughs and yells at the puppies, then chases them around. Every single day Bunny learns something new. A new baby sign, a new word, a new sound. I can spend all day watching her. Her smiles are contagious, her laughs make my heart melt. I am so lucky to be her mom.

There are days I look around the house and see all the things that need to be done. The laundry (I am GREAT at washing it, not so great about folding it and putting it away), the dishes (oh so many dishes, its like they multiple! Every time I look at the sink there are more than the last time I looked!), vacuuming (multiple times a week for heavens sake!), mopping, the list goes on and on. Sometimes all I see are the things I need to do, the things I can write on a list and check off once they are done. I often forget about the things I have already done (fed the baby, fed myself, cleaned up after feeding us, picked up the toys, changed her diaper a bajillion times in one day, outfit changes due to fun and messes, cupboards I put back together after Bunny tore them apart), and the things that can’t be written on a list and checked off. The things that can’t be written on a list and checked off are the most important ones. Sitting down and reading a book, having a conversation with my 1 year old, playing on the floor with her, giving her a hug just because she wants one, singing her songs, this list goes on and on. These are the things she will remember. She (hopefully) wont remember the sink full of dirty dishes, the clean laundry piled high on the sofa.

The little things that I see, my sweet baby doesn’t see. She sees her mom playing with her, reading her books, never being too busy for a hug. I need to see these things, and remember the importance of them. I need to remember their worth. These little activities I do with her all day, they can not be measured and checked off a list. One day she will be grown up enough that she won’t need me every moment of every day. Then I will have time to have a spotless house. Then I will miss all the little things that mean so much.

My Favorite Nursing Pillow Ever! Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow Review and Giveaway

I have tried many nursing pillows. The ever so popular boppy, my breast friend, jj cole nursing pillow, san diego bebe nursing pillow, and the luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow. My favorite pillow BY FAR is the luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow. It is oh so soft, nice and fluffy, and easy to manipulate. 

I had an unexpected c-section. I brought my boppy with me to the hospital only to realize it was extremely uncomfortable on my incision! I ended up tossing it in the corner and using regular pillows to help support my new baby. When I got home I tried my breast friend only to find that it too touched and pushed on my incision. I then tried the san diego bebe nursing pillow, and that was better on my incision, but it was ginormous and hard to move around. I couldn’t get comfortable with it. 
These were the three pillows I had before I gave birth, and none of them worked. So my search  for the best nursing pillow began. That is when I tried the jj cole nursing pillow. That was better on my incision, but was very firm and not easy to use. I couldn’t get Bunny at the right height with this pillow. She was either too low or too high, the pillow was too firm, I could not adjust it. It was a one size fits all kind of pillow. 

Finally, when Bunny was about 8 weeks old, my luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow came! 

  Luna Lullaby and jj cole nursing pillow
  Luna Lullaby and boppy
  Luna Lullaby and luna travel pillow
Luna Lullaby and san diego bebe nursing pillow
 Luna Lullaby and My Breast Friend

Hallelujah! I was taken aback by its size. It was huge! I thought for sure this nursing pillow was going to be a disaster, just like all the pillows before it. I was pleasantly surprised when this pillow was EXTREMELY comfortable. I was comfortable and so was Bunny. She fell asleep nursing, which wasn’t rare. What WAS rare was, I could move her (and the pillow) and she STAYED ASLEEP! Up until this point Bunny would only sleep on me or My Love (or anyone else who happened to be holding her). 

All the nursing pillows together

More about the luna lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow. It is a boomerang shape, unlike most other nursing pillows. This shape allows you to move the nursing pillow to the spot where it will give you the most support. You are not stuck using it in one position. The luna lullaby pillow is soft yet firm at the same time. The softness allows you to maneuver it however you would like, but it is still firm enough to keep its shape and to support your baby while you nurse. You can adjust the pillow to accommodate different nursing positions like the football hold or the cradle hold. The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow is soft enough that it didn’t hurt my incision. I could have it pressed right up against my body and it still did not hurt. I tried the other nursing pillows after I received the luna lullaby to see if maybe the reason the luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow did not hurt was because my incision was healing. All of the other pillows still hurt and were still uncomfortable. I could not find a comfortable position with the other nursing pillows that would allow me to nurse Bunny for the entire nursing session.  (At this time Bunny was still nursing for about 30 mins per nursing session.)

The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow was the only nursing pillow that was comfortable and supportive. I have had it, and used it multiple times per day, for a year now. It has not lost its shape. Most nursing pillows lose their shape after time. The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow is still as plump now as it was when I first received it. I even shoved it in a bag and took it on an airplane with me. I was not willing to travel without my favorite nursing pillow! 

The luna lullaby Bosom Baby pillow I purchased has a pink minky dot cover. It is SUPER soft. The cover comes off so you can wash it. There are no zippers, it folds over on the end. I really like this because there are no hard zippers or edges to rub up against Bunny. It is available in many different colors and patterns, and you can order extra covers! 

Bosom Baby for cradle or cross cradle hold
With baby (excuse the wiggle baby)
Bosom Baby for football hold
With 1 year old baby

I love this pillow so much I bought 2 more. I use one in Bunny’s nursery, one in our family room, and one is at my families house. I also purchased the travel pillow to use when we were going to travel. When I received it, I was disappointed by its size. It is VERY small. The travel pillow looks like a child’s toy nursing pillow. I did end up using the travel pillow on our first airplane ride. It was a nice size for the airplane. I could use the travel pillow while I was sitting in my seat on the airplane and it did not encroach on My Love’s space in his seat. If I had used the full size luna lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow, I would have taken up some seating space of the person next to me, possibly on both sides. Once we arrived at our destination, the travel pillow was useless. I could not fit all of Bunny on the pillow (she was 12 weeks old). I did not pack my full size pillow for this trip, I was assuming the travel pillow would be sufficient. I ended up using the travel pillow as well as other pillows and blankets to help support Bunny. The travel pillow was not supportive enough. On our second plane ride, I simply used an extra blanket under Bunny. It did the same thing the travel pillow did. The travel pillow was handy, but not worth it for the price. It now sits unused in our closet. Once Bunny is older she can use it for her baby dolls. 

 I highly recommend the luna lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow to every expectant mom and to every nursing mom out there. I can not sing it’s praises enough. You really HAVE to try this pillow! I have heard this is a great pregnancy pillow as well. I will have to try it as a pregnancy pillow with the next baby! 

Would you like the chance to win a Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow?! 

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The winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted via email on March 16, 2014.
Can’t wait until March 16?! Buy your Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow here.

Disclaimer: I did not receive a Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow for free. I simply love this pillow and want to share it with every pregnant and/or nursing woman I see!

Happy Valentines Day!

Today Bunny, My Love, and I did a Valentines day craft! I was originally going to let Bunny have a grand time with home made finger paints, but the paints did not come out right! I will have to re work the recipe and try again. Instead we created this!

A Canvas to hang on the wall.

Valentines Cards to give out to the family!
Since my homemade paint did not work out, I had to use regular craft paint. (Bad Mom!) It turned out pretty well! Bunny was pretty receptive to it, although My Love did have to help. Bunny enjoyed the paint on her hands! I can’t wait to perfect my paint recipe so Bunny can have fun playing in the finger paints! Happy Valentines day everyone!

We went on a REAL date!

Tonight My Love and I went out on a REAL date! WITHOUT Bunny!!! We wanted to “celebrate” Valentines day a day early to avoid the crowds. (Wow I sound old!) This is the first date we have been on, without Bunny, since she was born! We have gone on many dates that included her. Yes, she is a year old. But I am a first time mom who hasn’t wanted, or needed, to leave her baby. I am happy to say Bunny did GREAT while we were gone! This is only the second time she has been without Mom or Dad. She didn’t cry once! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with My Love. We were able to talk without interruptions! I was able to look at him, eat with him and nobody was climbing on me, grabbing my face, or trying to eat my food! It was wonderful! When we came home Bunny waved, smiled, ran over and laughed for a full minute! It was the perfect ending to our date! 

Home Made (Edible) No Cook Playdough Recipe

Bunny is getting to the age where playdough would be fun. Except she would try to taste it. Playdough you buy in the store is NOT something I want my 1 year old eating. So I decided to make my own playdough. I looked at the ingredients of playdough and decided to try to make my own recipe. This is what I came up with.


3 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 tbsp oil
1 1/4 cup water
your choice of food coloring

Combine flour, salt, oil and water together in a bowl. It starts off mixing really well together, but then it gets hard to mix with the spoon and is a little bit crumbly. That is when you take it out of the bowl and play with it! Knead it together for 4-5 minutes. After 4-5 minutes it should be at a nice consistency, no lumps, no crumbly pieces. Separate the playdough into as many pieces as you need for your food coloring. I decided to make red, yellow, and blue so I separated my playdough into three pieces. 

Add your food coloring and knead again for 4-5 minutes. I did not use gloves and the food coloring stained my hands. I washed my hands 2-3 times before the food coloring came out. Not a big deal to me, but if you don’t want colorful hands, use some gloves. Repeat this process for each color. When you are done, store the playdough in an air tight container. I reused crystal light containers. 

The best part about this recipe is it is fool proof! If your playdough is too sticky, add a bit more flour until it is the right consistency. If it is too dry, add a touch more water until it is nice and malleable. This recipe makes a decent amount, if you are only using 1 color I would suggest cutting the recipe in half. 

I gave the playdough to Bunny to play with, and sure enough, first thing she did was taste it! It did not taste very good so she spit it out. I have heard about flavored playdough, but I am not sure how I feel about that. Eventually Bunny will play with store bought playdough (at a friends house, school, church, somewhere) and I don’t want her to think it is okay to eat it! I might try to make the playdough smell good, so stayed tuned! 

Getting blood drawn on a baby is the WORST!

Bunny and I went to the doctor’s today to get our blood drawn. We both needed to get blood drawn so I went first. They stuck the needle in my arm and took my blood, it’s not fun but it was over with. The whole time I am telling Bunny what they are doing and how it hurts a little but it’ll be over soon and she will be next, but don’t worry! All they will do to her is prick her finger and take a little bit of blood.

My turn was over and they asked me to roll up her sleeves so they could see which arm to use. UMM WHAT?!? I was told it would be a finger prick! The nice lady informed me that for the 1 year tests, for anemia and lead, they had to take blood like an adult. And to make me feel better she told me they do this on babies much younger than mine. I took a DEEP breath and said, “Okay.” I rolled up her sleeves and they put the rubber band on her arms to see which one. Bunny started crying and I almost started crying! I told them I couldn’t do it, I would have to have her daddy do it. They said, “Okay we will wait, go get him.” I told them, “No, he’s not here, I have to call him.”

I called My Love, and he immediately came to my rescue. He sat with her and held her while they drew her blood. My heart was breaking the entire time! (I hate to hear her cry.) I am so thankful my wonderful husband was able to come to Bunny’s (my) rescue! She was perfectly fine as soon as they were done taking her blood. Now I know, next time she needs to get blood drawn (please let it not be for a long long time!) daddy will be the one to take her.

Let’s Talk About Cloth Diapers- gDiaper review

Your first thoughts are most likely, “Yuck!” or, “they are messy and ugly.” I know those were my first thoughts! Before I had my baby, or even thought of getting pregnant, I decided to research cloth diapers. Why did I decide to research cloth diapers when I was single and not pregnant, I have NO idea! (Maybe that was the beginning of me wanting to be eco friendly.) I googled “cloth diapers” and came up with all sorts of hits. AIO, hybrid, one size, pockets, fitted, prefolds, trifolds, snap closure vs velcro, diaper sprayers and more. I did not know what half those words meant! I decided to look at the photos instead. I wanted pretty diapers, I didn’t care about the mess part…yet. When I was looking through the images I came across this one 
and I thought, “That one! That is a cute one! I want THAT ONE!” I clicked on the link and found out it was a gDiaper. 
What is a gDiaper you ask. A gDiaper is a hybrid diaper. That means you can either use a disposable insert, lovingly referred to as a flushie, or a cloth insert. There are a few diaper companies who make disposable inserts, though we have only tried the gDiapers disposable insert. There are MANY different options for the cloth insert. There are gCloths (that is what we use), trifolds, flips, prefolds, bamboo, cotton, the list goes on and on. After doing a little research on cloth diapers, and having seen this ADORABLE diaper, I decided gDiapers were for me. There were many reasons I decided this, here is a small list:
    • less messy (in my opinion)
    • less laundry than an AIO or pocket diaper (for these two you typically change the entire diaper much like you would a disposable, gDiapers you do not-more on that later)
    • I don’t like the look of snaps, the velcro seemed like a much cleaner look to me. I thought snaps might be more difficult during the late night diaper changes, trying to remember which snap I am supposed to use, and try explaining all the snaps to babysitters or family members! To me, velcro is simple and easy. I wanted a cute diaper, and having snaps all up and down the diaper kind of defeated that purpose for me. 
    • gDiapers has a disposable insert option that is eco friendly. You can compost the disposable inserts, flush them down the toilet, or dispose of them in an eco friendly garbage bag.  


The parts of a gDiaper are:
 from left to right – the gPant, the pouch, disposable insert, and gCloth
 disposable insert in the pouch (left), gCloth in the pouch (right)
  disposable insert in the gDiaper (left), gCloth in the gDiaper (right)
gDiaper with no insert, only the gPant and the pouch
How to use a gDiaper:
You put the insert in the pouch, the pouch snaps into the gPant, and the gPant goes on the baby. Viola! 
 Isn’t she adorable?! 
When the diaper is dirty, you simple change the insert! If the insert is just wet, all that needs to be replaced is the insert. If there is poo, sometimes the pouch needs to be changed as well, but most of the time the pouch is still clean. The insert will bunch up a bit, and poo might get on the pouch when that happens. But it’s no big deal, you simple unsnap the pouch and snap in a new one, then add your insert. (That is the less laundry part. You don’t have to change the entire diaper at every diaper change!) We have been using gDiapers for over a year now, and we have had to change the gPant due to poo or pee getting on it maybe 10 times. Some of those times were my fault, I didn’t get the diaper completely over her bum, babies sure can wiggle a lot! We have had poo-plosions or poo-magedons, but very rarely have we had to change the gPant. We have NEVER had to change her outfit due to poo escaping it confines AKA the diaper. Once or twice the poo has escaped and gotten on the very edge of the gPant, but it has never touched her clothes! Some of our pee leakage has been from Bunny being a stomach sleeper. Sleeping on her stomach breaks the seal of the diaper, which causes it to leak. 
We use 1 gPant per day. (Well, technically two because I like to give her a new gPant after her bath. I don’t put on the same underwear after I bathe, I figure a nice clean gPant feel good on her cute little bum.) I coordinate her diaper to her outfit, or sometimes her outfit to her diaper! gPants come in many different colors and patterns. I literally have a gPant for every outfit Bunny owns. It drives My Love crazy sometimes. 
But cloth diapers are gross, right? WRONG! Bunny was Exclusively Breast Fed until she was 6 months old. That means her poo was water soluble. I could toss her dirty diapers into the diaper pail and wash them without doing anything to them! Now that she is eating solid food, its a little more complicated. She doesn’t have poo-magedons anymore, which makes it a little easier to clean. I simply dump the poo in the toilet, or grab it off the insert with a wipe. (That part is a little yucky, I keep telling My Love I need a diaper sprayer!) Then I toss the soiled parts, normally just the cloth insert, into the diaper pail. 
We use cloth inserts when we are home, and I use them when we are out and about. My Love likes to use the disposable inserts when we are out of the house. The disposable inserts are nice to have, especially for traveling. We have taken a few trips with Bunny, and have used the disposable inserts while on vacation. We also use a disposable insert at night, because Bunny is still a stomach sleeper and while the gCloth isn’t so good at holding her pee while she sleeps on her stomach. The gDiapers disposable inserts are great for night time! We have also used the disposable inserts when Bunny had a bad diaper rash which required ointment that was bad for the cloth inserts. (Some diaper rash creams and ointments, as well as medication, can stain your cloth inserts or cause build up which makes them not as absorbent.) It is nice to have the disposable option, it makes cloth diapering on vacation still a viable option. 
gDiapers come in 5 sizes.
left to right – newborn, small, medium, large, extra large
Newborn fits babies 6-10 pounds.
We started with the newborn size. We tried them in the hospital and they were not fitting right due to Bunny’s cord, so we used the disposable diapers the hospital gave us until her cord fell off. (BAD eco friendly parents!) She was in these from 8 days old until about 8 weeks old. She was 7 pounds when she was born. 
Small fits babies 8-14 pounds. 
Some people skip the newborn size and go straight to smalls. Bunny moved into these when she was 8 weeks old and wore them until about 4 months old. 
Medium fits babies 13-28 pounds.
Bunny has been in mediums since about 4 months and is still in mediums at a year (18 pounds). Mediums by far get the most use out of them.
Large fits babies 22-36 pounds.
Extra Large fits babies 34+ pounds. I doubt we will ever get there with Bunny.
The downside to using gDiapers is you have to buy multiple sizes. gDiapers releases new colors and prints twice a year. Because of this I have WAY too many gDiapers.  However, you can get away with only having 6-8 gPants because you do not change the gPant at every diaper change. If you are doing laundry every 2-3 days I would suggest having 8 gPants, 24 or more pouches, and 40 or more cloth inserts. 40 cloth inserts allows you to change the diaper every 2 hours round the clock and still have some clean inserts while your dirty ones are in the washing machine. With cloth diapers, it is recommended you change the diaper every 1-2 hours vs. disposables where you can get away with changing every 2-3 hours. 
As for the ease of use, multiple family members have changed Bunny’s diaper and they all comment on how simple and easy it was, less complicated and scary than they had thought it would be! I love my gDiapers. I have (almost) used them since the day Bunny was born, and I will use them until she potty trains. I will use them with the next baby, and the next one, and the one after that. Then I will sell them! They hold their resell value REALLY well! (some people pay $100 for a hard to find, discontinued, out of print used gdiaper! Craziness!) gDiapers are cute, easy, eco friendly, and my #1 choice. 
Because this post wasn’t already long enough, here are a few reasons why cloth diapers are a better choice, in my opinion, than disposable diapers. 
  1. Cloth diapers are eco friendly, better for the environment. Disposable diapers go in a land fill, and take up to 550 years to decompose! The diapers you and I used as a baby (my parents did use cloth diapers for some of my diapering years, they switched to disposables in part because others would ask them things like, “why are you using cloth on your child? Do you not love her???”) An average child will go through 4-8 thousand diapers in their life, newborn to potty training age. That’s an estimated 27 billion disposable diapers each year just in the USA!!!
  2. Cloth diapers are less expensive than disposable diapers. Remember how each child will use 4-8 thousand diapers in their life? That is an estimated 2-3 THOUSAND dollars! PER CHILD! You can buy an entire cloth diaper set up for around $400 if you are buying new. If you buy used, you can cut that cost in half. You can also use those same diapers for multiple children. And you can sell them when you are done! 
  3. There are no nasty chemicals in cloth diapers. Disposables contain Sodium Polyacrylate, which is the super absorbent gelling material that allows you to go hours and hours between diaper changed. Sodium Polyacrylate has been linked to toxic shock syndrome, allergic reactions, and it is potentially lethal to pets. Most disposables also have Dioxin in them, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified as a probable human carcinogen.  
  4. Babies who wear cloth diapers do not have as many diaper rashes as babies in disposables. This is because cloth diapers are more absorbent and wick the moisture away quickly, wear as disposable diapers hold the moisture in the super absorbent gel material, but it stays right next to baby’s bum. 
  5. I have never had a blow out. Enough said. 
  6. They are OH SO CUTE!!!!! Who needs diaper covers or bloomers when you have cloth diapers?! Not me! The diaper cover that comes with every dress, I give them away to friends who use disposables. 
I am sure there are more reasons, but these are my top 6. I love cloth diapers, and I love using gDiapers. Even My Love likes them!
(gDiapers did not send me any products for free to review. This review has been done because I simply adore the product.) 

Who am I?

I am baby’s mom! I am a baby-wearing, nursing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, eco-friendly (or trying to be!), stay at home/homemaker, 26 year old wife and mother. I have a husband, one beautifully sweet baby girl, two dogs and two cats. 

Before I became a mother, I became a wife to my amazing husband. Before I became a stay at home mom, I was a nanny. I started babysitting when I was 12, and became a nanny when I was 18. As a nanny I always cared for an infant, otherwise known as an infant nanny. I have a lot of experience with babies and all the items you need (or don’t need) to make life easier. 

I LOVE babies and baby stuff. I always have and I always will. I started collecting baby items in my hope chest when I was 16 years old. I was thrilled when My Love and I decided to start a family. Finally I could use the baby items I had AND it was acceptable to buy more! SWEET! The day I found out I was pregnant, I started buying more stuff. (: If you have heard of it, I have most likely tried it or am going to try it. If I haven’t tried it or its not on my radar, leave a comment or send me a message! Have I mentioned I LOVE baby stuff?!?!