MiniLou Coloring Books Review

Bunny loves to color. She asks to color all day, every day. Coloring keeps her occupied, especially at my doctors appointments. Most coloring books are big and bulky. They do not fit in my diaper bag very well and are awkward to carry around. MiniLou coloring books are the perfect size. MiniLou coloring books fit perfectly in my diaper bags, even my small one.
There are fourteen different MiniLou coloring books. Bunny was able to try four of them, The Cocoa Came, Fantastical Florals, Milk + Mustache, and Monster Emotions. 


The Cocoa Came has a cute story inside of it corresponding with the coloring pages. The illustrations are cute and simple. This coloring book has nice big shapes for Bunny to try to color inside the lines with. 


Fantastical Florals is great for older kids, or adults! These pages are full of details. One page of this coloring book keeps my five year old niece occupied for at least half an hour. I love coloring in this book as well. 


Milk + Mustache coloring book is super cute and so much fun. Bunny loves pointing out every letter and trying to color them in. This is such a fun coloring book!

Monster Emotions is a really great coloring book for little ones. This coloring book shows emotions with simple pictures. The pictures are easy for Bunny to color in and open a discussion about each emotion. I am really enjoying this particular coloring book. 


MiniLou coloring books are five inches by seven inches. This is the perfect size to toss in your bag without making it bulky. My favorite part of MiniLou coloring books is the back. The back of the MiniLou coloring book shows you all the pages in the coloring book. How neat is that?!
You can buy MiniLou coloring books for $2.99 each online here. MiniLou coloring books are creative and fun. Bunny and I both enjoy MiniLou coloring books and we will definitely buy more!
Disclaimer: I received these items free to review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and are in no way influenced by the company/product owner. 

Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Painting Set Review

What toddler doesn’t love to get creative with finger paint? Bunny loves to paint, LOVES it! Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints are perfect for toddlers. Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints are non toxic, made from natural ingredients and they are organic! Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints are not meant to be eaten, but there is no danger if they do get ingested. 

Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints Grab n’ Go come in jars that hold 8 ounces of powder paint which makes up to 20 ounces of paint. Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints come in 4 colors, purple/blue which is made with REAL blueberries, red/pink which is made with REAL beets, yellow which is made with REAL pumpkin and green which is made with REAL spinach. Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints are vegan and made with no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no preservatives!



What I love most about Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints is they come in a powder form which allows you to add water and mix the paint to your desired consistency. I can make the paint thin like water colors, or thicker for finger painting. You can use the same paint powder to create paint for your baby or toddler and you can make a thicker paint for your older children. 


 I also love that Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints are natural and edible. I love that Bunny can paint with her fingers and if she happens to taste it, I don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals being ingested. This makes finger painting more fun! 


Wee Can Too All was founded by two moms and based in the USA. I really love USA companies! I highly suggest Wee Can Too All Natural Finger Paints for children of all ages! If your baby can sit up by themselves, they can paint! 

You can buy Wee Can Too Finger Paints here

Adventure Walks with a Toddler

Bunny LOVES to be outside. LOVES it! She would spend all day outside if I let her. Unfortunately she has VERY fair skin and can’t spend all day outside! Every day we go for a walk, what I like to call an adventure walk.
Our adventure walk has no time line and no route. I let Bunny lead the way. We often backtrack a million times. Bunny really enjoys waving at the cars on the street. If she hasn’t seen a car for a while, she will backtrack to the last spot she saw a car.

The texture and size of the tree were captivating. 

I don’t tell Bunny where to go or what to do on our adventure walks. I make sure she doesn’t go into the street or get into anything dangerous or unsafe. Other than that, I let her dictate the walk. I make sure I have at least 30 mins to spend with her on a walk. I try to really see and experience what she is seeing and experiencing. I may see these surroundings multiple times a day, but to Bunny, everything is new. The other day, Bunny spent five or so minutes chasing a leaf that was blowing in the wind. To me, that is a simple experience, but to Bunny it is new and exciting and something to learn about and from.

I love watching her explore the world. I can almost see her brain working, trying to figure out the new things she is experiencing.

I love her little shadow!


Even grass is something to be explored! 

Adventure walks end when Bunny get fussy, hungry, or needs a diaper change. I try not to push my timeline or directions on her. This time is special for her, it is all about her and what she would like to do. I follow Bunny and make sure she is safe and allow her to explore. I find great joy in the little things she shows me. I learn how to be happy and see the world anew when I go on adventure walks with Bunny. If you have a little one, I challenge you to go on an adventure walk! Leave a comment to let me know how it goes! You might be surprised what your little one teaches you!