Squatchi Bigfoot Shoe Sizer for Little Feet Review

Squatchi kid foot sizer is an easy to use at home foot and shoe sizer. Squatchi kid foot sizer is as accurate as the metal ones used in stores. Squatchi is made from high impact polystyrene plastic, which is unbreakable! Squatchi makes it easy to measure your child’s shoe size when it is most convenient for you. 

I don’t know about you and your child, but Bunny HATES the metal shoe sizers you find in the store. Bunny loves shoes and loves shoe shopping, but trying to get her to stand still while I measure her foot on the metal shoe sizers in the store is difficult, if not impossible. Bunny doesn’t even want to go near those! Our Squatchi is a bright pink color and not cold to the touch. Bunny loves measuring her foot on Squatchi. I can get a more accurate sizing on Squatchi than I can using the metal sizers in the store. 

Squatchi comes with a cute little sticker and instructions
Instructions on how to use

I am a bit overzealous when it comes to making sure Bunny is wearing the right size shoe. With Squatchi I do not need to make a special trip to the shoe store to make sure Bunny is in the right size. I can measure Bunny’s foot as many times as my heart desires. I can also measure Bunny’s shoes to see if they are the right size. Sometimes the sizing rubs off the shoe and I have no idea which size they are and if they still fit Bunny’s feet. Squatchi gives this mama piece of mind. 

Squatchi comes in seven colors, white, blue, green, orange, red, pink and purple. Squatchi is not only a shoe and foot sizer, it is also a keepsake. You can mark where your child’s foot is and write the date. If you continue to do this until your child outgrows Squatchi, you will have a neat keepsake! Squatchi has a hole at the top which allows you to hang it on the wall. You can display Squatchi in your child’s room! Squatchi measures toddler size two up to youth size five, typically ages one to eleven. 

This video shows you How to use SquatchiSquatchi is very easy to use. Simply place your child’s heel against the curved end, the heel stop, of the Squatchi while bearing weight on their feet and make sure the toes are lying flat. Be sure to measure both feet as one foot is typically bigger than the other. 

You can buy Squatchi for $19.99 on amazon.com,  walmart.com, toysrus.com, parentfaves.com, thegrommet.com, and in store or online at buy buy baby.