Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Advanced Sound System Belt Review

Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Advanced Sound System Belt is not only a pregnancy belt, it is also a sound system for your unborn baby. Ritmo is a stretchy, supportive, washable pregnancy belt with a sound system built in. Research has shown that listening to music in the womb can have a stimulating effect on your baby’s brain. I know the songs I listened to when I was pregnant with Bunny were very familiar and soothing to her after she was born. 

Want to learn more about the science behind Ritmo?

Ritmo uses a high quality surround sound system with four mini speakers that are split up in four areas of the belt. This makes sure sound is not focused on one area of your womb and allows the baby to hear the sound no matter what position they are in. Ritmo speakers are specifically engineered for the womb and deliver the highest quality sound at a safe listening level.  Ritmo is not just for music. You can prerecord anything you would like your baby to hear, and play it for them using Ritmo. You can record your voice, or the voice of a loved one singing lullabies, reading a story, or just talking. This helps your baby to recognize and be comforted by these voices, songs, or stories after birth. Ritmo would be especially wonderful for those mothers who’s significant other is gone during the pregnancy for whatever reason, or for surrogates.

Ritmo works with most phones and MP3 players. Ritmo has a belt extender which allows you to use Ritmo during any stage of your pregnancy. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and do not need the belt extender yet. Ritmo is very comfortable and easy to use. When you first open Ritmo there is a little bit of assembly required. Mine came with the speakers already installed, but there is an instruction booklet telling you how to install the speakers if needed. Ritmo is washable, which is a wonderful feature. You can remove the speakers to wash your Ritmo. There are three wires in Ritmo that you need to find. They are pretty easy to locate. There are two wires in the left pocket and one wire in the right pocket. You need to unzip Ritmo and thread the one wire from the right pocket over to the left pocket. Once you have done that, you can connect the wires to audio controller. After you have done this, you are ready to go!

Ritmo comes with a carrying case, which is great for traveling! You can store your Ritmo inside the mesh storage case in between uses as well.

Ritmo Advanced comes with a an audio controller which allows you to listen to the music with your baby via headphones. You can also have phone calls with those you love and let the baby listen in. 

Ritmo is very comfortable to wear. Ritmo can be worn sitting, standing, laying down or while you are out and about. 


Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Advanced Sound System Belt can be purchased for $139.95 online. Ritmo makes a great baby shower present!