Wee Nurture Milkmade Nursing Cover Review

Nursing in public was very difficult for me in the beginning. Everything was uncovered while I tried to get the hang of nursing. I remember being so nervous the first time Bunny and I nursed in public. Trying to adjust the nursing cover while getting Bunny latched properly, all the while trying to make sure I wasn’t flashing anyone. Then Bunny and I would get sweaty because, lets face it, two warm bodies under what is essentially a blanket equals one hot mess. I would feel horrible every time my sweet tiny baby was done nursing and had a sweaty head. With this baby, I know I will not be using the traditional cover everything nursing cover. I have recently discovered Milkmade Nursing Cover and wish I had known about this when Bunny was an infant!

Milkmade Nursing Cover is a stylish nursing cover that doubles as a burp cloth. Milkmade Nursing Cover does not cover or enclose your baby’s head, but does keep you covered while nursing.

front side
back side


To use Milkmade Nursing Cover you simple put it on your shoulder like you would any burp cloth. You then hold the side with your hand while you adjust your clothing to free your breast. You can do this all while Milkmade Nursing Cover is keeping you covered. Once you are ready to nurse, you simply lift the flap and latch baby. You can cover baby’s face if you would like, or you can tuck the flap up and in the pocket to allow baby’s face to be free. Once you are done nursing you can easily move baby away from your breast while keeping your breast covered. My favorite part is you can burp baby while you are still covered. With my old nursing cover I hated having to adjust everything while Bunny was waiting to be burped. There is no huge blanket like cloth in the way with Milkmade Nursing Cover.


I have rather large breasts, while nursing Bunny I am an H cup. I sure hope I stay the same size when this baby starts nursing. Milkmade Nursing Cover fits me and covers me very well. Milkmade Nursing Cover also covers my friend who is a nice B cup. Milkmade Nursing Cover is designed to fit women of all sizes. Rest assured, this is really a one size fits all.

I can not stress how much I love Milkmade Nursing Cover and the fact that is does not cover my baby’s head. I really dreaded nursing in public when it was very hot outside. I wanted to be discreet for my benefit but did not want to overheat my baby. It was an internal struggle as to weather I should cover myself or should I let Bunny be comfortable when nursing. I am so thrilled to have found Milkmade Nursing Cover. I will no longer have to choose between my comfort and my baby’s comfort. Now we can both be comfortable while nursing in public.

Milkmade Nursing Cover has a handy pocket that is big enough for a pacifier, a nipple shield or even your nursing pad! I know I always wore a nursing pad and never knew where to put it when Bunny was nursing. With Milkmade Nursing Cover’s pocket, I will never lose my breast pad again! I always hated searching for that silly pad when I was done nursing.

I seriously love Milkmade Nursing Cover so much. This would make a GREAT baby shower gift. It is super small and easy to keep in your diaper bag. You don’t need a bunch of extra room for your nursing cover. I think every nursing mom should have at least one of these, if not one for every diaper bag.

Milkmade Nursing Cover is nice and thick, made of very soft material. It is very sturdy and looks like it can hold up to the test of time. I love how long Milkmade Nursing Cover is. When it is draped over your shoulder you don’t have to worry about baby barf getting on the back side of your shirt. Milkmade Nursing Cover  covers part of your back. Milkmade Nursing Cover is two products in one!

Milkmade Nursing Cover currently comes in two designs, stripe and chevron.  You can buy Milkmade Nursing Cover online for $47.