NippleNest Review and Giveaway

If you currently use or have used a nipple shield, you will be as excited as I am for this review! NippleNest is a nipple shield case. Sounds simple right? It is simple! Before I discovered NippleNest,  I was using a snack container to hold my nipple shield. I looked all over for a nipple shield case, but I couldn’t find any. Finally I found NippleNest! 

 NippleNest comes in a cute, eco friendly box. 
NippleNest is a storage case designed specifically for nipple shields. NippleNest is shaped like a nipple shield, with a drying rack on the bottom to allow airflow to your nipple shield as it dries. This is a wonderful feature. I don’t know how many times I had to quickly wash my nipple shield and try to dry it completely in a few seconds before tossing it in an air tight container to keep it safe and sanitary while in my diaper bag. When I did this, the nipple shield was always damp when I needed it next. NippleNest allows your nipple shield to dry while keeping it safe and sanitary. Now I can wash my nipple shield and put it directly into the NippleNest, toss it in my diaper bag, and go! 

NippleNest is BPA and phthalates free. NippleNest is dishwasher safe (yes!). NippleNest is made in the USA, which I love! NippleNest fits any and all brands and sizes of nipple shields. NippleNest is available in four colors: Lemon Lime, Orangesicle, Orchid, and Periwinkle
NippleNest is great for every day use. Nipple shields are clear. I lost a couple nipple shields, and the dog ate one. Losing a nipple shield is incredibly frustrating. With NippleNest, you will never lose a nipple shield again! The bright colors make NippleNest easy to find in your diaper bag and around your house. There are many benefits to having a NippleNest instead of a random container that happens to fit a nipple shield. With a container I found I would have a ring of residue on the bottom of the container, especially if I put my wet nipple shield in the container. With NippleNest you do not have that ring of residue. NippleNest allows your nipple shield to dry while inside, whereas a container keeps the moisture in, not a good thing. NippleNest is shaped like a nipple shield which keeps it from bending or pushing on the nipple shield and deforming it. I can’t tell you how many times I closed the lid on my random container to find out later I was compressing the nipple shield or had closed it in the seam of the container. I don’t have to worry about that with NippleNest! NippleNest hugs your nipple shield! 
I use a Medela contact nipple shield. It fits perfectly inside NippleNest. I use NippleNest when I go out and at night to store my nipple shield instead of having it sit there all night long in the open air. NippleNest keeps my nipple shield from getting dirty and lost. My only complaint is I wish I had found this sooner! If you use a nipple shield, you NEED this product! 
You can buy NippleNest online here for $14.99. I can not tell you how much I love NippleNest. I wish I had this from day one. If you use a nipple shield, or know someone who does, do yourself, or them, a favor and order this ASAP!


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