I post about more than nursing I promise!!

I know I have been posting about breastfeeding/nursing products a lot recently. That is because, for the first year of Bunny’s life, MY life has revolved around breastfeeding. Bunny is now 16 months old and we have not weaned yet. But I am finally feeling like breastfeeding doesn’t rule my world and schedule. (Not that I minded when it did rule my world and schedule. I did not mind one bit!) Bunny is only nursing to fall asleep now. Which means I can FINALLY wear any shirt I want to! I don’t have to wear a nursing shirt anymore! My wardrobe is (almost) back to normal! It is crazy to think I can wear just about any shirt in my closet now! I don’t have to worry about exposing my stomach or too much breast.  The world is my oyster! Or my closet is. It feels so nice to be able to wear all of my clothes again! 

Don’t worry, I DO post about more than just breastfeeding! I have some really exciting product reviews coming up!!! I can’t wait to share them with you!!! 

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