We went on a REAL date!

Tonight My Love and I went out on a REAL date! WITHOUT Bunny!!! We wanted to “celebrate” Valentines day a day early to avoid the crowds. (Wow I sound old!) This is the first date we have been on, without Bunny, since she was born! We have gone on many dates that included her. Yes, she is a year old. But I am a first time mom who hasn’t wanted, or needed, to leave her baby. I am happy to say Bunny did GREAT while we were gone! This is only the second time she has been without Mom or Dad. She didn’t cry once! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with My Love. We were able to talk without interruptions! I was able to look at him, eat with him and nobody was climbing on me, grabbing my face, or trying to eat my food! It was wonderful! When we came home Bunny waved, smiled, ran over and laughed for a full minute! It was the perfect ending to our date! 

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