Getting blood drawn on a baby is the WORST!

Bunny and I went to the doctor’s today to get our blood drawn. We both needed to get blood drawn so I went first. They stuck the needle in my arm and took my blood, it’s not fun but it was over with. The whole time I am telling Bunny what they are doing and how it hurts a little but it’ll be over soon and she will be next, but don’t worry! All they will do to her is prick her finger and take a little bit of blood.

My turn was over and they asked me to roll up her sleeves so they could see which arm to use. UMM WHAT?!? I was told it would be a finger prick! The nice lady informed me that for the 1 year tests, for anemia and lead, they had to take blood like an adult. And to make me feel better she told me they do this on babies much younger than mine. I took a DEEP breath and said, “Okay.” I rolled up her sleeves and they put the rubber band on her arms to see which one. Bunny started crying and I almost started crying! I told them I couldn’t do it, I would have to have her daddy do it. They said, “Okay we will wait, go get him.” I told them, “No, he’s not here, I have to call him.”

I called My Love, and he immediately came to my rescue. He sat with her and held her while they drew her blood. My heart was breaking the entire time! (I hate to hear her cry.) I am so thankful my wonderful husband was able to come to Bunny’s (my) rescue! She was perfectly fine as soon as they were done taking her blood. Now I know, next time she needs to get blood drawn (please let it not be for a long long time!) daddy will be the one to take her.

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